Brainstorm Academy small group workshops are designed to provide specific focus and information about a variety of topics and for a variety of audiences.

Our Student Workshops are designed for small groups of students to pinpoint a specific skill (or set of skills) in a small group setting.  Topics range from reading and writing skills for young students to tackling complicated word problems in mathematics and science courses.  The goal of these workshops is to help students learn and flourish in a small group setting and build their skills and confidence in a friendly, stress-free environment!

Our Complete Course Reviews are specifically created as an end-of-year review for high school and college/university students to help them prepare for their final exams.  Our focus in these workshops are the “understanding skills” (how to decode a question and plan a solution) and the “technical skills” (how to carry the plan out and complete the solution) that students will need to be as successful as possible in their exams.  We also focus on common topics and problem types that frequently appear on tests and exams in each of the courses.

For high school courses, we closely follow the content of the Ontario Curriculum as well as any specific exam reviews that instructors have provided to be sure that we cover all of the expected skills to be demonstrated on exams.

For college and university level courses, we build these workshops specific to the group that has registered due to the wide variety of skills and expectations between different professors and different schools.

Our Parent Workshops exist to provide parents the tools and strategies they require to help build a nurturing educational environment for their children, and to help them continue the work of their teachers (and our tutors!) at home.  Education and learning don’t start and stop with the school bell, so let us show you how to maximize your child’s educational potential when they’re at home!