Physics gets a bad rap for being overly complicated, math-heavy, and boring.  Physics is, for sure, the most math-heavy of the four high school science courses, but it doesn’t need to be complicated or boring!  Many things that we experience in the real world are dominated by rules and laws of physics; wouldn’t it be nice to understand them?

Our instructors know where students commonly have the most trouble in these courses, and they know how to break this down and help you understand it with simple language and small steps.  Have you seen a ball be thrown through the air? You’ve already got an idea of trajectories of bodies in free-fall.  Have you tried to push something from a hardwood floor on to carpet? You’ve already got an idea of forces and friction.  Let our instructors guide you step by step through this course and get you to the point of understanding that you’re looking for.

Whether it’s SPH3U, SPH4U, or higher level college and university courses, our instructors are ready to help you with:

One, Two, and Three Dimensional Motion Electric Force & Energy Ohm’s Law
Uniform and Non Uniform motion Work-Energy Theorem Kirchoff’s Laws
Position, Vector, and Acceleration-Time Graphs Power DC Circuit Analysis
Vector Quantities Mechanical Waves Magnetic & Electric Fields
Rectangular Coordinates Sound Waves Light Waves
Newton’s Laws of Motion Open and Closed Air Columns Diffraction of Waves
Free Body Diagrams Standing Waves Refraction and Diffraction
Forces Acting on Objects Mechanical and Forced Resonance Polarization of Light
Kinetic Energy Simple Harmonic Motion Quantum Effects of Particles
Gravitational Potential Energy Conservation of Energy Photoelectric Effect
Thermal Energy Conservation of Momentum Compton Effect
Elastic Potential Energy Elastic and Inelastic Collisions Special Relativity & its Effects

Don’t see your topic-in-need on the list? Looking for something different? No problem! It’s impossible for us to make a complete list of everything our instructors can teach you, anyways! Contact one of our offices and we’ll put a custom program together for you at no extra cost!