We know that math is a forever-complicated subject for many students every year.  They find it boring, challenging, and have trouble finding real world applications!  The instructors at Brainstorm Academy will help simplify your mathematics studies and make it as engaging, painless, and real-world based as possible.

Our instructors will help you make sense of calculus and vectors, explain statistics, and solve trigonometry problems and not only explain it in simple English, but give you the tools you need to be successful practicing and studying on your own!

Math courses are becoming more and more required by university and college programs across the country, so don’t let your frustration with calculus or functions slow your applications down!  Let us help you get a solid understanding of the processes step-by-step, example-by-example.

Whether it’s homework support, review of the day’s lessons, or a more comprehensive review and preparation for a test, project, or final exam, our instructors will help get you to where you want to be.

Our instructors are ready and waiting to help you with the following topics:

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Integers and Operations The Quadratic Equation Form Domain and Range Remainder and Factor Theorem
Working with Fractions Factoring Quadratics Inverse Functions Solving and Graphing Higher-Order Polynomials and Rational Functions
Working with Polynomials Vertex, Factored, and Standard Form of Quadratic Equations Graphing sin(x), cos(x), and tan(x) Solving Polynomial and Rational Equations
Solving Polynomial Expressions Transforming Quadratic Equations Transforming Trigonometric Functions Solving Inequalities
Determining Linear Relationships Real World Applications of Quadratics Solving Trigonometric Identities Radians and Degrees
Writing Linear Equations Using the Quadratic Formula Using Special Triangles Compound and Double Angle Formulas
Sketching Graphs of Equations Inverse Functions The Sine Law Ambiguity Solving and Graphing Logarithmic Functions
The y=mx+b Form and Use Graphing Quadratics Solving Exponential Equations Average and Instantaneous Rates of Change
Optimal Measurements in Geometry Midpoints and Perpendicular Bisectors Graphing Exponential Equations First Principles for Derivatives
Volumes and Areas of Simple /Shapes Properties of Triangles and Quadrilaterals Real World Applications of Exponentials Limits and Continuity
Volumes and Areas of Composite Shapes Analytic Geometry Arithmetic and Geometric Series and Sequences Product, Quotient, and Chain Rule for Derivatives
Pythagorean Theorem Simple and Compound Interest Optimization Problems
Similar Triangles Present Value of Annuities Rectangular Components
The Primary Trig Ratios Future Value of Annuities Equations of Lines and Planes in 2D and 3D
SOH CAH TOA Intersection of Lines and Planes in 2D and 3D
Sine & Cosine Law Dot and Cross Product
Permutations and Combinations
Normal Distributions
Probability of Mutually Exclusive Events
Confidence Intervals
Linear Regressions
Analysing One and Two Variable Data

Don’t see your topic-in-need on the list? Looking for something different? No problem! It’s impossible for us to make a complete list of everything our instructors can teach you, anyways! Contact one of our offices and we’ll put a custom program together for you at no extra cost.