Lots of our students have self-diagnosed problems with effective writing and presentation techniques.  “I can’t learn this.”  “I don’t understand it.”  “I’m a math and science kind of person.  English isn’t my thing.” Let us share our experience with you!

The truth is that your grade 12 English mark is more important than you might know!  In many cases, it’s the only way universities and colleges can assess your reading and writing skills.  As a result, they want to see you post a high mark on those OUAC and OCAS applications!

Let our instructors help you change bad reading, writing, and presentation habits.  Let us help you find the real meaning in your novel study and blast through your Shakespeare analyses.

The most common things our English tutors have been helping with are:

Shakespeare Thematic Essays Original Poetic Work Composition Presentation Proof and Practice
Shakespearean Sonnet Analyses Literary Essay Composition Book Report Drafts
Shakespeare Character Analyses Short Story Analysis Novel Study Comparative Essays
Essay Writing Tips & Techniques Original Short Story Composition SAT Essay Preparation
Essay Proof-reading and Drafting Multimedia Projects University Entrance Essay Preparation
Novel vs. Film Analyses Effective Presentation Skills Final Exam Essay Preparation

Don’t see your topic-in-need on the list?  Looking for something different? No problem! It’s impossible for us to make a complete list of everything our instructors can teach you, anyways! Contact one of our offices and we’ll put a custom program together for you at no extra cost!