Chemistry is a bit of a deceptive science course in high school.  You get the basics of the basics in grade 9 and 10, and you’re promised experiments and explosions in grade 11 and 12 only to be surprised with math, theories, and abstract concepts. What gives?

Our instructors will help bring the understanding back to your chemistry studies by breaking the courses down topic by topic, and explaining the chemical processes, scientific method, and the mathematical calculations step-by-step.

No matter if you’re finishing your homework, preparing for a test or exam, or you’re just interested in the concepts, our instructors are ready to help you learn and get your understanding to the level you want it.

Whether you’re taking SCH3U, SCH4U, SCH4C, or any other chemistry course, our instructors are ready to help you with the following major topics:

Trends of the Periodic Table Qualitative and Quantitative Chemistry Quantum Aspects of Chemistry
Naming Ionic, Covalent, and Organic Compounds Stoichiometry Problems Electron Orbitals and Molecular Shapes
Lewis Structures and Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams The Ideal Gas Law Enthalpy and Energy Changes
Types of Reactions Solutions and Solubility Specific Heat Capacity
Types of Chemical Bonds Acids and Bases Thermal Energy of Reactions
Balancing Chemical Equations Organic Chemistry Dynamic Equilibrium and Ksp
The Activity Series Polymer and Organic Reactions Electrochemistry
Molar Ratios and Avogadro’s Number Energy Changes in Reactions Redox Reactions and Cell Potential

Don’t see your topic-in-need on the list?  Looking for something different?  No problem!  It’s impossible for us to make a complete list of everything our instructors can teach you, anyways! Contact one of our offices and we’ll put a custom program together for you at no extra cost!