Tutoring and Homework Support

Getting different marks than what you’ve expected does not mean you’re incapable of understanding the material, but instead that you are being taught in a way that doesn’t mesh with your learning style.  Our instructors will change their instruction style until they have found what works for you so you can gain the understanding and the grades you deserve.

Our tutoring is done on a one-to-one basis between the student and one of our professional, friendly instructors.  Each time the student comes in we will be sure to have them work with the same instructor so they both learn the most effective teaching/learning methods of the other.

Each student learning in a different way, and each student that begins their studies with us will have a custom learning plan developed for them to be sure that we identify which skills they require assistance with and target our instruction on those areas with respect to the course material.  We will use the student’s strengths and interests to help build up any areas of concern throughout our instruction.

Our quiet, low-stress environment helps our students focus on their studies, and with the help of a teacher they can achieve a better understanding of the course material.  We also offer flexible schedules to be sure that our student’s tutoring times fit with any other committments they have.

If distance is an issue, we also offer online instruction!  Students work with the same Brainstorm Academy instructors that they would if they came in to the centre, but the session takes place entirely online.  Notes from the lesson are forwarded by email to the student so they still receive notes specific to their lessons – the only difference is the distance between the student and the instructor.

We base much of our instruction directly on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum guides where possible, so we can be sure that we are teaching the skills and expectations that they will be required to demonstrate in their classroom.  We also want to be sure the student can apply them outside of the classroom and in novel situations, so our instruction also leads the student to develop these higher order thinking skills.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (905) 333-5444, or by email at info@brain-power.ca.  The director of Brainstorm Academy, Mr. Jordan Rakowski, is always available to answer any questions you may have about our services!