Small Group Student Workshops

Brain Power Learning Centre is pleased to announce the introduction of its new small group workshops!

These workshops are specifically designed to target specific grades and skills in a small group setting to help students build on their abilities and flourish as learners and leaders.  Each workshop aims to develop a certain skill critical for students’ progress through their studies and is linked to key areas in the Ontario curriculum.

We appreciate your patience while we finalize dates, times, and fine tune the exact program content.

Here’s a quick look at what we have in the works!


Bridging SK to Grade 1

In this 6 week workshop, students are introduced to early English literacy skills and strategies.  Engaging games and activities will help students develop better recognition of letters, letter sounds, and early sight words and sounds in a safe, patient, and energetic learning environment.

Grade Level: SK
Skill Focus: English Literacy


The Struggling Reader

This 6 week workshop will help students develop skills and strategies for the “at risk” student in reading, both in fluency and comprehension.  Early elements of word recognition, key letter blends, decoding strategies, and word families will be introduced, helping students to develop independence, confidence, and find their inner reader!

Grade Level: 1-2
Skill Focus: English Literacy


Pumping Up the Reader

This 6 week workshop will help empower, engage, and build confidence in the young reader.  Skills and strategies in fluency, comprehension, recall, and retelling will be emphasized throughout this workshop.  With the use of engaging games, creative story mapping, reader’s theater, and direct instruction, students will work to build their foundation of reading and fluency.

Grade Level: 3
Skill Focus: English Literacy


The Writer’s Workshop

This 6 week session will focus on the “writing process”, providing skills and support for all major writing styles at this level (i.e.: reflective, narrative, expository, and persuasive). Students will engage in planning and collecting ideas, drafting and revising their writing, and producing a clean and clear final copy.  Working together in a safe, motivating environment, students will create, proofread, and revise their works in a variety of writing styles and for a variety of topics. The framework and processes these students will learn will apply to all of their writing – increasing confidence and independence in all areas of writing across the Ontario curriculum.

Grade Level: 4-6
Skill Focus: English Literacy, English Composition


Literacy in Action – Enhancing Reading and Writing Skills

In this 6 week session, students will build and improve upon strategies and skills in their reading and writing.  They will be introduced to a variety of literary, graphic, and informational texts, using a range of strategies to construct meaning.  They will apply their knowledge of words and cueing systems to increase reading fluency, and reflect on and identify their strengths as readers.  Writing sessions will focus on generating, gathering, and organizing ideas, and information to write for an intended purpose and audience.  Students will draft and revise their writing using editing, proofreading, and publishing skills.  All sessions will help students build their confidence in writing essays and reports, and engage the intermediate learner in a safe, friendly, and judgment-free environment.

Grade Level: 7-8
Skills Focus: English Literacy, English Composition


The Wonder of Word Problems

Word problems have traditionally been the most challenging aspect for students in mathematics, requiring them to determine key equations and processes from a verbal or written prompt in English.  This 8 week workshop aims to motivate and empower students, and also help them increase their confidence when facing word problems.  Students will be presented with grade-appropriate problems and examine a series of step-by-step problem solving techniques to not only build their fluency with these types of problems, but also to help develop critical thinking skills to help them continue to see success in the future.  Real-world applications of mathematics will be discussed so students can see the benefit and application of the use of math in day-to-day life. Skills and strategies to reflect, think, plan, do, and communicate their understanding of mathematics will also be emphasized to help reinforce this foundation and build the next generation of strong mathematics students.

Grade Level: 7-8
Skill focus: Mathematics Word Problems, Real-World Applications of Mathematics


We will update this page with dates and times as they are set, as well as with additional workshop plans and resources as they become available.

Sizes for these workshops will be very limited!

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