Physics Tutoring Services in Hamilton, Ontario

Physics is the most math-heavy of the four high school science courses, and many students find it complicated and boring. Many real world experiences that students encounter in Hamilton, Ontario are dominated by rules and laws of physics, so wouldn’t it be nice for them to understand them. At Brain Power, our tutors know where students commonly have the most trouble in physics, and they know help them understand it with simple language and small steps via our customized tutoring sessions. Have you ever played baseball in Hamilton, Ontario, and pitched a game? You’ve already got an idea of trajectories of bodies in free-fall. Let our tutors guide you step by step through physics and help you understand more during our customized tutoring sessions. Whether it’s SPH3U, SPH4U, or higher level college and university physics courses in Hamilton, Ontario, our tutors are ready to help you with the following topics:

  • One, two, and three dimensional motion
  • Uniform and non uniform motion
  • Position, vector, and acceleration-time graphs
  • Vector quantities
  • Rectangular coordinates
  • Newtons laws of motion
  • Free body diagrams
  • Forces acting on objects
  • Kinetic energy
  • Electric force & energy
  • Work-energy theorem
  • Power
  • Mechanical waves
  • Sound waves
  • Open and closed air columns
  • Ohms law
  • Kirchoffs laws
  • DC circuit analysis
  • Magnetic & electric fields
  • Light waves
  • Diffraction of waves
  • Standing waves
  • Refraction and diffraction
  • Mechanical and forced resonance
  • Polarization of light
  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Quantum effects of particles
  • Gravitational potential energy
  • Conservation of energy
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Thermal energy
  • Conservation of momentum
  • Compton effect
  • Elastic potential energy
  • Elastic and inelastic collisions
  • Special relativity & its effects

Have you ever erased pencil marks from a piece of paper? Then you most likely comprehend some of the basic concepts of forces and friction. Through our customized tutoring sessions in Hamilton, Ontario, Brain Powers tutors can help you expand your understanding of this and other physics topics. Don’t see your physics topic on our list? No worries! Brain Power offers tutoring in a variety of physics topics. In addition to physics, Brain Power offers tutoring services in Hamilton, Ontario, in the following areas of study:

Brain Power provides other customized tutoring services for students with special needs:

  • Tutoring for students with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI)
  • Educational Assessments (offered by a teacher specialist)
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments (offered by a registered psychologist)

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  • Hamilton is home to over 100 waterfalls and cascades, and the Royal Botanical Gardens

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