English Tutoring Services in Burlington, Ontario

When it comes to writing and approaches to presentation for English, we hear a lot of the students we tutor from Burlington, Ontario say “I can’t do this”, “I’m more of a math person”, or “It’s too hard”. Their “self-diagnosis” can lead to lower confidence in their abilities, and overall decreased effort. In reality, a students capabilities are stronger than they think. Grade 12 English marks are very important; colleges and universities use these grades to assess a students reading, writing and presentation skills. These skills can be improved upon through tutoring.  Let Brain Powers tutors help you post a high grade on those OUAC and OCAS applications, by showing you how to change your reading, writing and presentation habits for the better via our tutoring services. The following is a list of English study topics we frequently tutor students on, in and around Burlington, Ontario:

  • Presentation Proof & Practice
  • Multimedia Projects
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • SAT Essay Preparation
  • Book Report Drafts
  • Novel Study Comparative Essays
  • Final Exam Essay Preparation
  • University Entrance Essay Preparation
  • Shakespearean Sonnet Analyses
  • Essay Writing Tips & Techniques
  • Shakespeare Thematic Essays
  • Shakespeare Character Analyses
  • Original Poetic Work Composition
  • Essay Proof Reading & Drafting
  • Novel vs. Film Analyses
  • Original Short Story Composition
  • Literary Essay Composition
  • Short Story Analyses

Looking for something different? No problem! Our extensive range of topics is too large to compile succinctly into one short list. In addition to English, Brain Power offers tutoring services in or around Burlington, Ontario, in the following subjects:

Brain Power provides other customized tutoring services for students with special needs:

  • Tutoring for students with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI)
  • Educational Assessments (offered by a teacher specialist)
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments (offered by a registered psychologist)

Call Brain Power today at (905) 333-5444, or email us at info@brain-power.ca, to find out more about our tutoring services in or around Burlington, Ontario.

Facts about Burlington:

  • Burlington is located at the southwestern end of Lake Ontario, just to the north of Hamilton and Stoney Creek
  • The famous comedian and country/western musician Gordie Tapp lives in Burlington
  • Burlington is sister city to Itabashi, Japan

Cities near Burlington: