Chemistry Tutoring Services in Ancaster, Ontario

Chemistry can be a misleading course during a students high school career in Ancaster, Ontario; they’re taught basics in early grades and promised experiments and explosions in later grades, only to be met by theories, abstract concepts and math once they reach grades 11 and 12. In order for students to better understand chemistrys scientific methods, mathematical calculations and chemical processes, the tutors at Brainstorm Academy will break the courses down topic-by-topic during our customized tutoring sessions. No matter if you need help with homework or are preparing for a test, our tutors in Ancaster, Ontario are ready to help you learn and get your understanding to the level you want it during our tutoring sessions. If you’re enrolled in SCH3U, SCH4U, SCH4C or any other chemistry studies, our tutors can tutor you in the following topics of interest:

  • Polymer and organic reactions
  • Energy changes in reactions
  • Trends of the periodic table
  • Naming ionic, covalent, and organic compounds
  • Lewis structures and Bohr-Rutherford diagrams
  • Types of reactions
  • Types of chemical bonds
  • Balancing chemical equations
  • The activity series
  • Molar ratios and avogadros number
  • Qualitative and quantitative chemistry
  • Stoichiometry problems
  • The ideal gas law
  • Solutions and solubility
  • Acids and bases
  • Organic chemistry
  • Quantum aspects of chemistry
  • Electron orbitals and molecular shapes
  • Enthalpy and energy changes
  • Specific heat capacity
  • Thermal energy of reactions
  • Dynamic equilibrium and Ksp
  • Electrochemistry
  • Redox reactions and cell potential

Don’t see your topic of study on our list? That’s OK! Brainstorm Academy offers tutoring for a number of other chemistry subjects in Ancaster, Ontario. In addition to Chemistry, Brainstorm Academy offers tutoring services in the following areas of study:

Brainstorm Academy also offers specialized tutoring services for special needs students in Ancaster, Ontario:

  • Tutoring for students with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI)
  • Educational Assessments (offered by a teacher specialist)
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments (offered by a registered psychologist)

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  • Ancaster is an affluent bedroom community whose residents are typically professionals who work in downtown Hamilton, Burlington or Oakville
  • In an age before steam power, the wilderness that would become Ancaster had an early economic advantage due to its proximity to the Niagara Escarpment
  • The Hermitage is a popular site in Ancaster

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