About Us

Brainstorm Academy is an education centre that provides students and parents with the widest array of educational services.  Tutoring for all grades and all subjects; high school credit programs; university application assistance; educational and psycho-educational assessments; SAT, GED, GMAT prep; the list goes on and on!

Brainstorm Academy is different than your traditional tutoring centre – we design custom learning plans for each student that comes to study with us.  This helps us be sure that we are looking at all of the student’s capabilities, not just what they have come to study.  This “Whole Student” approach is applied with our entire team – not just instructors, but specialists in special education, occupational therapy, educational psychology, and professionals in a number of other fields.

We know that students frequently dread needing tutoring, but we aim to remove the stigma from it.  Our programs are designed for any student that simply wants to have a better understanding of their courses.  Our one-to-one approach of instruction allows the student to have the full attention of the teacher to make sure their tricky questions are solved, and there are no problems and topics left unexplained.

For more information on our individual services, or if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to contact us at the information at the bottom of every page!


Brainstorm Academy is managed by Mr. Jordan Rakowski, B.Eng. His team is pleased to provide accessible educational support for students of all levels.

Brainstorm Academy is not a franchise; both locations are privately owned and operated by professional educators. With us, education comes first.

b004Brainstorm Academy also works closely with the Independent and Private School Forum ensure the best access to experienced professionals in the field of education.