Welcome to Brainstorm Academy

Brainstorm Academy offers friendly and professional one-to-one tutoring in all subjects at all grade levels. Our tutors can help translate your math homework in to simple English, make your chemistry, physics, and biology assignments interesting, and help edit your English reports and essays into masterpieces.

In many cases, we see students struggle with homework or in-class lessons because there is a skill that isn’t as strong as it needs to be to fully grasp the new topics built on this foundation. We work to identify these knowledge gaps and close them in from the bottom up, but also provide this support in a way that makes more natural sense to the student. Our flexible and dynamic schedule can help fit your tutoring in around your other commitments as well!

Brainstorm Academy is also a private Ontario high school, which means that we can offer students the opportunity to take entire high school courses with us from start to finish and receive a high school credit for it at their home school. These credits appear on the student’s transcript and can be used to apply to colleges and universities just like any other course they’ve taken!

Whether it’s math homework, science assignments, history reports or English essays, the Brainstorm Academy tutors are well equipped to handle any and all of the questions you have! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help our students reach their academic potential!